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Value in Engineering: Optimization

It is not enough to develop an idea or develop a system in the face of a problem. The important thing is that your solution is feasible. This is where engineering comes in. Real engineering is to produce the optimum solution. You have to strike a balance, reduce consumption and budget while increasing efficiency.

As a2 Technology, we always value optimization and approach resource consumption sensitively while developing our applications. The most competitive strengths of a2 solutions are our optimized algorithms and unique AI models. We significantly reduce our customers’ total budget and become the preferred brand.

Intel, one of our most important solution partners, continues to support the industry with the same vision and offers new capabilities to application developers. The Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit makes an extremely important contribution to our solutions.

We train our AI models with original datasets, and thus we constantly increase our analysis success rates. Within our 2020-2021 R&D plans, we optimized our model files with OpenVINO™, increasing the working speed up to 220% without reducing the success rates. In this way, we achieved 62% savings in resource consumption and hardware budget.


  1. Inference performance without Intel Distribution of OpenVINO
CPU Model Size CPU % RAM % FPS
i7-10510U a2-TrafficNet2.0 160 100% 600MB 10
i7-10510U a2-TrafficNet2.0 416 100% 650MB 2.4
i7-8700K a2-TrafficNet2.0 160 70% 600MB 14
i7-8700K a2-TrafficNet2.0 416 80% 650MB 3.6


  1. Inference performance with Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit
CPU Model Size CPU  % RAM % FPS
i7-10510U a2-TrafficNet2.0 160 70% 600MB 26
i7-10510U a2-TrafficNet2.0 416 70% 600MB 4.7
i7-8700K a2-TrafficNet2.0 160 60% 600MB 30
i7-8700K a2-TrafficNet2.0 416 60% 600MB 6.8
About a2

Smart Africa Event “AI Policy and AI Use Cases”

a2 Technology attended to “AI Policy and AI Use Cases” event of the Smart Africa Digital Academy (SADA) as Intel AI Solution Partner.

Our Managing Partner Murat MUTLU presented our AI & ML Solutions and Case Studies on the Safe Transportation vertical.

Thank you to Smart Africa and Intel Corporation families.