a2-ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

a2-ANPR Number Plate Recognition Systems are beyond a character recognition solution, it is literally a road safety application, with innovative features such as vehicle analysis and the detection of non-vehicle moving objects on the road.

It detects and tracks moving objects, decides whether there is a vehicle by performing feature inferences. Classifies vehicles and also determines Brand-Type-Color information. It creates an exception record for motorcycles, tractors or vehicles without license plates. It reads the license plates if existing, and sends them to the centre with other relevant information. It supports the security units in catching missing, illegal, stolen or suspicious vehicles.

a2-ANPR is a software solution can be easily adapted to various application areas thanks to its hardware-independent and platform-independent structure.

a2-ANPR Number Plate Recognition Systems, which are at the last point of modern technology, offers many features to users with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning modules. It also gives much more successful results in severe installation conditions.

a2-ANPR reduces the total cost in the projects, thanks to its optimized algorithms, low hardware requirements and flexible installation conditions. Thus it provides a quite advantage to end-user institutions and system integrators.

Key Features

Accuracy Rates

  • Vehicle Detection: %95+
  • Plate Recognition: %95+
  • Brand Recognition: %90+
  • Type Recognition: %90+
  • Color Recognition: %80+

AI-Based Analytics

  • Brand-Type-Color
  • Plateless Vehicle
  • Motorcycle
  • Tractor
  • Pedestrian

Installations Options

  • Gantry
  • Pole on Roadside
  • Single-Lane
  • Multi-Lane
  • Mobile (on Vehicle)

Multi-Lane Roadside Installation

Sample image of Triple Lane ANPR by a single camera installed on L-shape Pole by Roadside

Plateless Vecihle

Sample image of Plateless Vehicle Detection by multi-lane ANPR

% 95 +

Detection Accuracy

% 95 +

Recognition Accuracy

100 +

Supported Country


Running Systems


Compatible with All Applications

a2-ANPR is a software solution can be easily adapted to various application areas thanks to its hardware-independent and platform-independent structure.


a2-ANPR is used in roads, highways, tunnels and bridges for traffic monitoring and security purposes.


a2-ANPR is used as an access control system in paid or free car parks, complexes and facilities.


a2-ANPR is used by Police or other National Security Sevices for Law Enforcement purposes.


a2-ANPR is used in toll stations and free flow gantries integration with toll collection systems for detection and recognising the licence plates.

Always one step ahead!

a2-ANPR Number Plate Recognition always makes a difference with its Artificial Intelligence-based advanced infrastructure and innovative features. With its flexible architecture and modular structure, it provides advantages to users in various applications.


It can work on PC with Windows or Linux operating system, on ARM-based embedded systems or integrated on camera.

Numerous Country Support

a2-ANPR products support over 100 countries licence plate syntax.

Installation Options

It can be installed on gantry, or pole by the roadside. It can be operated as single-lane or multi-lane. It can be positioned at different heights from 1.5 meters to 7.5 meters.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to its advanced functions such as Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, it offers superior features such as high-accuracy license plate reading, vehicle classification, brand-type-color analysis and plateless vehicle detection.

Featured Project

Mogadishu Safe City Project

a2-ANPR Automatic Plate Recognition System and a2-Backoffice are used within the scope of the Safe City Project in Mogadishu, Somalia. The project is carried out by Optima Engineering.

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