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Video Analytics Against Covid-19

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has become an epidemic that profoundly affects our lives. Strict measures have been taken all over the world due to the speed of transmission and severe damage. The most important actions taken in this context are; Obligation to use a mask in areas where people come together intensely, three steps (2 meters) distance between people. Also, to operate the social distance rule, malls, stores and markets can accept only one visitor every ten square meters.

For the legal measures to be successful, there must be an inspection mechanism. a2 Technology engineers have developed innovative technologies that can monitor Covid-19 measures on the a2-VCA Video Content Analysis infrastructure.


Why a2 Video Analytics?

Scenario-based a2 Video Content Analysis Solutions work 24/7 without getting bored, tired or taking a break in real-time and high performance.
  • High Accuracy Detection
  • Minimum False Alarm
  • High Availability Rate
  • Strong Integration Structure
a2-VCA Video Content Analysis solutions are optimal engineering solutions in which modern methods such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used together with traditional Image Processing methods. It processes live images from cameras in real-time, automatically identifies all the features in the viewing angle and learns the background. Based on predefined scenarios, it detects the relevant regions in the image and classifies them correctly by classifying them correctly thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms.

Advanced Technology

a2 uses the most modern methodologies achieved today, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, in its Video Analysis Solutions infrastructure.

Original and Optimal

We develop our original algorithms for optimum efficiency with a real engineering approach and train our model files with our real datasets.
The first products developed primarily within the scope of Covid-19 are Mask Detection, People Counting & Occupancy Rate Control, and Social Distance Analysis.

Covid-19 Solutions