Perimeter Security Video Analysis System

Camera monitoring systems are used extensively in critical facilities with high security sensitivity such as refineries, power plants, pipelines, military barracks, airports.
In monitoring systems with hundreds of cameras, it is not possible for security personnel to carefully monitor tens of screens 24/7. Therefore, there is a need for intelligent systems that can automatically detect and warn security personnel when there is a breach or event.

a2-VCA Perimeter Security Video Analysis System is a scenario-based video analysis solution that instantly detects violations and incidents by processing live images taken from cameras that monitor the facility environment and critical areas, and warns operators with audible and visual alarms.

a2-VCA performs analysis operations 24/7, in real time and with high performance. It automatically learns the background in the viewpoint, detects and tracks moving or stationary identified objects. With advanced artificial intelligence modules, it classifies the object and also analyzes and makes sense of its movements. It determines the risk factor of the relevant object and movement depending on the predefined risk scenarios, and generates an instantaneous alarm if it is above the threshold level.

Key Features

Content Analytics

  • Human Detection
  • Vehicle Detection
  • Animal Detection
  • Object Detection
  • Motion Analysis
  • Region Analysis
  • Congestion Analysis
  • Similarity Analysis

Modules and Integration

  • Operator Event Monitoring
  • Videwall Event Monitoring Module
  • Web Based Management Module
  • VMS Integration
  • SCADA Integration
  • Signaling Integration
  • Integration with 3rd Party Systems

System Alerts

  • Tampering
  • Camera Failure
  • Connection Failure
  • Logs

Violation Detection

Operator Screen

VMS ile tam entegre operatör olay izleme ekranı, örnek arayüz görseli.

% 99 +

Detection Accuracy

% 1

False Alarm


Analysis Functions


Cameras on 1 PC


Compatible with All Applications

a2-VCA is an advanced software solution can be easily adapted to various application areas thanks to its hardware-independent and platform-independent structure.


It is used to detect incidents and violations in facilities with high security sensitivity such as refineries, power plants, pipelines and factories.


It is used to detect incidents and violations at airports.


It is used to detect incidents and violations in security units, barracks and military facilities.

Always one step ahead!

a2-VCA Incident Detection System always makes a difference with its Artificial Intelligence-based advanced infrastructure and innovative features. It minimizes hardware needs with its unique and optimized algorithms.


It can work on PC with Windows or Linux operating system, on ARM-based embedded systems or integrated on camera.

Optimized Solution

a2-VCA has been developed with an optimum engineering approach. It can run a maximum of 30 Licenses on 1 PC.

Original Solution

It is the product of an original work that blends innovative technologies with traditional methods. All detection and analysis models are trained with original datasets collected from real application points.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to its advanced functions such as Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, detection and classification features offer a high level of accuracy.

Featured Project


In a barracks of the Gendarmerie in Ankara, a2-VCA Video Content Analysis solution is used for perimeter security and violation detection. In the project carried out in collaboration with Fides Technology, Human Detection, Vehicle Detection, Package Detection and analysis based on the region and movement are carried out within the event scenarios. On the monitoring center side, Pelco VideoXpert integration, VideoWall integration and Dynamic Map modules are actively working.

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a2-VCA Perimeter Security Video Analysis System