Parking Violation Detection System

a2 Technology engineers developed the software 100% in-house. It is fully compliant with the current General Requirements and the Type Specification published by the General Directorate of Security.
This system has been tested and approved by the National Police and an internationally accredited laboratory. It works actively at many points.

a2-Enforcement Parking Violation Detection System is an Electronic Inspection System established to detect vehicles exceeding the maximum waiting time deemed appropriate by the security.

The cameras within the a2-Enforcement Parking Violation Detection System scan continuously.When the system detects a parked vehicle, it first records its information, takes parking start photos and starts video recording. Periodically checks whether the vehicle is in the same area.

If the vehicle is still parked after exceeding the allowed waiting time, it takes pictures of the vehicle again, completes the evidence video recording and creates the violation package and sends it to the center.

It also reads the license plates of all parked vehicles and queries the vehicle on National Database and generates an audible and visual alarm if there is any record like such as loss, stolen, suspect.

a2-Enforcement Parking Violation Detection System has moving cameras that can scan an area of ​​150 meters, so it can create evidence of violations of all vehicles parked even in separate directions.

Key Features

Violation Detection

  • Functionality Verification Document
  • 99%+ Detection Accuracy
  • 150 Meters Scan Distance
  • Simultaneous Multiple Violation Tracking
  • Variable Pause Times Depending on the Schedule
  • Measures Against False Violation Detection

Violation Package

  • Violation Information (Plate, Date, Time, Location)
  • Parking Start Photos
  • Violation Start Photos
  • Violation Video

Parking Violation

Violation Example created by a2-Enforcement Parking Detection System.

a2-Enforcement Parking Violation Detection System

a2-Enforcement Parking Violation Detection System Installation Example

% 95

Detection Accuracy

% 95

Recognition Accuracy

% 99 +

Violation Detection Accuracy

150 metre

Scanning range

Compatible with All Applications


It can be installed on highways, on-campus roads that need to control speed limits within the scope of enforcement or for deterrence.

Enforcement Projects

The a2-Enforcement Park Violation Detection System, which has all certificates and documents, is preferred in Enfocement projects.

Campus Way

It is used on the inner roads of large campuses such as universities, factories or facilities.


Apart from Enforcement projects, it is used by municipalities to bring urban traffic to a more regular level.

Always one step ahead!

The a2-Enforcement Park Violation Detection System always makes a difference with its advanced infrastructure and innovative features. It is the system that is heavily preferred in projects with a 99%+ violation detection success rate.

Embedded Hardware

It solves all the needs in a single unit with embedded platform, embedded camera, internal I/O board.

Wide Country Support

a2-Enforcement products support over 100 country plates in terms of infrastructure and are actively used in 4 countries.

Reliable System

It has a Functionality Verification Certificate. Fully compliant with Enforcement General Requirements and KGYS Type Specification. Speed measurement accuracy has been approved by accredited organizations.

Stable Systems

With low error and failure rates, the uptime of your systems is extremely high. In this way, you will not miss violations and at the same time, you will minimize your operational costs.

Featured Project

Traffic Enforcement Projects in Turkey

Within the scope of Traffic Enforcement projects in Turkey, more than 300 a2-Enforcement Traffic Enforcement Systems are used in 16 cities.

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