Automatic Incident Detection

Roads that are used extensively for transportation are the riskiest transportation networks according to accident statistics. Especially unexpected events that may occur on the way increase the risk of accident remarkably. To prevent accidents, it is critical to be aware of the risk factors in the relevant route and to eliminate these risks.

Even a small accident can have severe consequences in areas with limited escape routes such as tunnels, highways and bridges. At the time of the accident, the delay of the intervention causes the results to become much more severe.

The a2-VCA Incident Detection System is video analysis based secure transportation solution that instantly detects incidents or accidents by real-time processing live images of the cameras that follow the road, and alerts operators with audible and visual alarms.

Key Features

Incident Analytics

  • Stopped Vehicle
  • Wrong-Way
  • Pedestrian
  • Debris
  • Smoke
  • Lane Violation
  • Sudden Speed ​​Drop
  • Slow Vehicle

Traffic Analytics

  • Vehicle Counting
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Traffic Density
  • Travel Time

System Alerts

  • Tampering
  • Camera failure
  • Connection Failure
  • Logs

Wrong Way Detection

Pedestrian Detection

% 99 +

Detection Accuracy

% 1

False Alarm




Cameras on 1 PC


Compatible with All Applications

a2-VCA is an advanced software solution can be easily adapted to various application areas thanks to its hardware-independent and platform-independent structure.


It is used for traffic monitoring and incident detection in tunnels to reduce accident risks and effects.


It is used for traffic monitoring and incident detection on highways to reduce accident risks and effects.


It is used for transportation safety, accident and incidents on bridges.

Always one step ahead!

a2-VCA Incident Detection System always makes a difference with its Artificial Intelligence-based advanced infrastructure and innovative features. It minimizes hardware needs with its unique and optimized algorithms.


It can work on PC with Windows or Linux operating system, on ARM-based embedded systems or integrated on camera.

Optimized Solution

a2-VCA has been developed with an optimum engineering approach. It can run a maximum of 30 Licenses on 1 PC.

Original Solution

It is the product of an original work that blends innovative technologies with traditional methods. All detection and analysis models are trained with original datasets collected from real application points.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to its advanced functions such as Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, detection and classification features offer a high level of accuracy.

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Usage Areas


Law Enforcement



a2-VCA Automatic Incident Detection