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A monumental achievement for traffic safety in Turkey – our state-of-the-art a2-VCA Automatic Incident Detection System is now operational across one of the most crucial road sections in the country, the Eastern Black Sea Coast Road traversing Giresun, Trabzon, Rize, and Artvin.

Across 28 separate tunnels with 45 bores, real-time video analysis is conducted by the a2-VCA system. It not only alerts operators in the face of any risk but also provides essential traffic data, promoting safety, and efficiency in traffic management.

With six regional command centers monitoring these tunnels, an additional primary control center in Trabzon manages the comprehensive network. Inclusive of the Salarha and Akyaz─▒ tunnels, the primary control center enables unified and centralized surveillance through our sophisticated a2-Backoffice central management solution.

A robust collaborative effort involving our global solution partners Pelco, Intel Corporation, Dell EMC (NGTech), and Belden Inc.-Hirschmann Industrial Network Solutions, alongside the project integrator Kırtur and the General Directorate of Highways, Turkey has ensured the successful implementation of this significant project.

Here’s to a safer journey across the vibrant landscapes of the Eastern Black Sea.

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