Under Vehicle Inspection System

a2-UVIS systems are designed with advanced technology to scan, inspect and record underside of vehicles. Especially, these systems are used for entrances that have very high-security requirements like army, industrial, governmental and commercial buildings, sites, complexes etc.

a2-UVIS Under Vehicle Inspection System provides users needed safe area, thereby capturing and monitoring the underside image of vehicles with high-resolution area scanning camera.


Why a2-UVIS?

Unlike its competitors, the a2-UVIS Under Vehicle Inspection System takes images as a square, not as a line, and extracts instant features with its advanced image processing algorithm. In this way, it creates most accurate the under vehicle images.
  • High-Quality Images
  • 12x Zoom
  • Industrial Design
  • Entirely In-House Production with Its Hardware and Software
As well as these, the system specifies suspicious objects after the under-vehicle scan process and takes them into a frame on the monitoring screen. The system is able to handle any vehicle moving at speeds between 0-40km/hr and can perform bidirectional scanning from both sides.

Easy Installation

Thanks to its design suitable for surface mounting, installation is completed within the same day without the need for construction work.

Rugged Industrial Design

Thanks to its entirely industrial components and design, it has a structure resistant to harsh conditions such as desert climate.
Thanks to a2-UVIS’s advanced architecture; plate recognition system and many types of security systems such as road bollards, road blockers, barriers etc. can be integrated into the system very easily. a2-ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition system reads plate numbers of vehicles and stores together with images generated by a2-UVIS. Therefore, the user can search and compare the recent image with other ones. The user interface of the software is very friendly and useful for operators. The web interface allows monitoring of recorded information from anywhere in the world.
Yazılımın kullanıcı arayüzü operatörler için çok kolay ve kullanışlıdır. Web tabanı arayüzü, dünyanın herhangi bir yerinden kaydedilen bilgilere ulaşılabilmesi ve izlenmesini sağlar.

Under Vehicle Inspection System