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a2-VCA Reached 41 Tunnels in 2021

a2-VCA Automatic Incident Detection

Highways, which are heavily used for transportation, are the riskiest transportation network according to accident statistics. Especially, undesirable incidents that may take place on the road increase the risk of accident dramatically. In order to prevent accidents, it is crucial to be aware of the risk factors on the route in question and to eliminate these risks.

In spaces with limited escape routes, such as tunnels, highways and bridges, even a small accident can have very serious consequences. In the event of an accident, the delay in intervention causes these consequences to be even more severe.

a2-VCA Incident Detection System is a video-analysis-based safe transportation solution that instantly detects accidents or incidents that may cause accidents by processing live images taken from cameras that monitor the road in real time, and warns operators through audible and visual alarms.

One of the most used Incident Detection Solutions in Turkey, a2-VCA is working in 41 tunnels with 1,792 cameras in 8 cities.

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a2-VCA Mask Detection System on Sale!

a2 Technology has finalised the Artificial Intelligence-based Video Analysis Solution a2-VCA Mask Detection System. It is declared for sale in Turkey, and simultaneously in more than 20 countries in Europe and the Middle East!

The a2-VCA Mask Detection System processes the images it receives from the relevant camera located at the control point in real-time, detects passing people and determines whether they are wearing a mask. It generates an alarm instantly for the people who do not wear a mask.

For further information, you can visit a2-VCA Mask Detection System page.